Apple must repay $14.5 billion in underpaid taxes in Ireland

From InfoWorld: Apple's tax benefits in Ireland are illegal, and the company will have to pay up to €13 billion ($14.5 billion) in back taxes, plus interest.

That's the verdict European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager delivered Tuesday, wrapping up a two-year investigation of the company's tax affairs stretching back to 2003.

The investigation found that Apple's effective tax rate on profit reported in Ireland was just €500 per million euros in profit, falling to €50 per million in 2014.

​New Crowdsource app lets you work for Google for free

From CNET: Google has a formidable artificial intelligence team working on everything from photo recognition to email spam filtering. But for some tasks, it's looking for the human touch -- yours, specifically.

The online giant on Monday released a new Android app called Crowdsource that lets you contribute your own suggestions to language translation, handwriting recognition and street sign transcription.

Intel's Kaby Lake chip is a must-have for 4K video fiends

From PC World: Intel’s Kaby Lake, the company's 7th-generation Core microprocessor, was never meant to be.

Broadwell, then Skylake: Intel’s tick-tock model was supposed to move on from there to the 10-nm Cannon Lake microprocessor next on Intel’s roadmap. Struggles with 10-nm development forced Intel into its new Kaby Lake processor, however, which officially launched Tuesday.

Pokemon Go player bans reversed by Niantic

From CNET: In the last month, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been stepping up its banning game, cutting off users who use third-party services to help them become Pokemasters.

Bans were given to players using add-on maps that show Pokemon locations, emulators that allow you to play the game on a laptop or PC and bots that play the game for you, tricking the app into believing you are walking around when you are not and automatically catching Pokemon for you.

Apple sends invites for September 7: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 most likely on tap

From CNET: The next iPhone will probably be revealed to the world on September 7. And maybe a watch, too.

Apple made it official today, confirming the previously rumored date of the first Wednesday in September. The venue is once again at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, with the familiar start time of 10 a.m. PT.

Cutting-edge quantum dot tech hits PCs in Samsung's curved FreeSync monitors

From PC World: Samsung's quantum dot technology is getting serious for PC fans.

The company recently announced it will roll out two new curved monitor models (in three display sizes) rocking quantum dot displays. These are the first quantum dot computer monitors from Samsung, which already produces televisions using the cutting-edge technology.

The first new quantum dot model is the CFG70, which will come in 24- and 27-inch sizes. The second is the CFG791, which will ship with a drool-worthy 34-inch display.

Google unveils showcase games for indie developers conference

From CNET: Attendees at next month's Google Play Indie Games Festival will have a chance to play more than two dozen new games, some of which are not yet widely available.

Google on Monday unveiled the 30 Android games selected from more than 200 submissions vying for a chance to be exhibited at the conference. Fifteen of the games showcased are on a very limited beta, so this is the best opportunity many will have to play them.

Cloud player Rackspace goes private in $4.3B deal

From InfoWorld: A private equity firm has signed an agreement to buy major cloud player Rackspace for $4.3 billion.

Rackspace announced today that Apollo Global Management, a U.S.-based investment manager, will acquire the company in a deal that will give Rackspace shareholders $32 per share.

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